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      Legal Case Studies

      Robert Half Legal offers a versatile approach to achieving maximum return on your investment. Below are several legal case studies that demonstrate the wide range of services we provide to our clients. Contact the Robert Half office nearest you for more legal case studies and to learn about our service offerings.

      Project team assembled quickly for last-minute discovery helps deliver results ahead of schedule

      Files had to be collected by several custodians and quickly transferred to computers that the review team would use.

      Read the case study >

      Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services saves client time and helps cut $4 million in document review costs

      There were approximately $4 billion in claims against the law firm's client, a financial services firm. Loss of the case could negatively impact the potential future sale of the financial services firm. In addition, the law firm faced extremely tight deadlines and penalties if it failed to complete the review on time.

      Read the case study >

      Experienced review team assembled within 3 hours beats court deadline

      In litigation regarding a complex business transaction matter, the client sought to show evidence of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. The case involved the discovery of documents held by more than 150 custodians in multiple countries.

      Read the case study >

      Robert Half Legal delivers low margin-of-error rate and significant cost savings for redaction of 500,000 foreclosure summaries

      The client, a bank, needed approximately 500,000 mortgage files reviewed within a 10-week time frame in preparation for foreclosure filings. If not completed on time, the bank would have been noncompliant with government regulations and incurred sanctions from the federal agency.

      Read the case study >

      Robert Half Legal eDiscovery Services recovers missing data and helps save firm from legal sanctions

      The law firm's client faced potential sanctions for data loss in relation to legal hold demands in the litigation. To avoid sanctions, the law firm needed to assist its client in data recovery and defense of its data storage practices.

      Read the case study >

      Team conducts complex review of half million documents, helps deliver results and savings

      Pretrial preparation involved reviewing a large number of electronic and print documents. The law firm had already hired a third party to handle document collection and processing, but the scope and complexity of the project required a team of industry experts to conduct the actual review.

      Read the case study >

      Project oversight team delivers security and cost savings ahead of schedule

      Because the law firm’s client was planning to merge with a major competitor, the matter had to be resolved quickly. The client could not staff the number of attorneys necessary to complete the document review on time.

      Read the case study >

      Document review completed in tight time frame, enabling firm’s attorneys to focus on case

      The client needed to complete a first-pass review of 200,000 documents within a four-to-six-week window.

      Read the case study >

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