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      Samantha Kim, Esq.

      Samantha Kim


      Professional Experience

      Samantha Kim is a director with Robert Half Legal's consulting solutions practice, based in New York City. An attorney with more than 10 years of litigation experience, her specialty and education are focused on international law, with an emphasis on data privacy, information security, electronic discovery/evidence, and corporate compliance.

      A former Deputy District Attorney in the Alameda and Contra Costa counties of the San Francisco Bay Area, she prosecuted more than 50 jury trials to verdict, spending countless hours litigating in courtrooms as well as gathering technical evidence (forensics, cell phone data and private health records) by issuing subpoena duces tecum to large corporations all over the U.S. She has ability to tackle challenging evidentiary issues as well as to present the law clearly and effectively to large organizations.

      Representative Engagements

      • Lead Counsel for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance Project for a global manufacturing company, two different start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area, a medical device company in Boston, and a higher education institution in New York state
      • Spearheaded GDPR projects through four distinct phrases while leading a team of experienced consultants throughout the U.S.
      • Conducted dozens of onsite interviews to produce a “Records of Processing Activity” for clients and complete a full data inventory
      • Provided legal oversight of Data Processing Deliverables - Data Inventory, Data Processing Activity Map, Data Flow, Record of Processing Activities (Art. 30), for different companies in various industries
      • Designed, drafted and reviewed data protection policies and procedures, notice and consent forms aligned with the country and EU specific data protection requirements for separate clients
      • Drafted interview questions and created questionnaires to conduct a full Data Protection Impact Assessment for multinational companies

      Relevant Experience

      As a former trial attorney, Samantha has a unique ability to navigate, examine and explain the complex legal and technical issues regarding data privacy violations. She also brings invaluable experience in working alongside major technology companies to obtain proper evidence in litigation matters while abiding by all the new privacy and security regulations out of various jurisdictions.

      Areas of Expertise

      • European Politics and Policy, GDPR
      • California Consumer Privacy Act
      • Electronic Discovery and Evidence
      • Corporate Governance and Compliance
      • Privacy Law and Contracts

      Industry Expertise

      • Federal, State, and Local Governments
      • Litigation
      • Investigations


      • Juris Doctor, Santa Clara University
      • Master of Science, London School of Economics
      • New College, Oxford University
      • Bachelor of Arts, University of California at San Diego

      Professional Memberships and Certifications

      • Admitted to California State Bar
      • American Bar Association
      • International Association of Privacy Professionals

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