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      Amber Schreier

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      Amber Schreier

      Managing Director

      Professional Experience

      Amber Schreier is a managing director with Robert Half Legal’s consulting solutions practice, where she oversees the vice president, legal project director, project fulfillment, project services and operations center sales teams in their delivery of legal, compliance and risk management consulting services.

      Ms. Schreier’s background includes 16 years in the legal field. She joined Robert Half Legal in 2005 as an Account Executive in the Minneapolis branch, was promoted to Division Director in 2006 and to Branch Manager in 2007. Most recently, she served as regional vice president, overseeing legal staffing operations for the company in Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit/Southfield, Houston, Minneapolis and St. Louis.

      Areas of Expertise

      Ms. Schreier works closely with law firms and corporate legal departments to provide highly skilled legal professionals and project space for a variety of initiatives, including litigation, mergers and acquisitions, document and eDiscovery review.

      Related Experience

      • Litigation and electronic discovery
      • Project staffing and recruiting
      • Project management
      • Contracts and compliance management


      • Bachelor of Science, Political Science, North Dakota State University