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      Steve Ankney

      Director of Search Execution

      Main: 330.374.2015
      [email protected]
      1 Gojo Plz, Suite 260
      Akron, Ohio 44311


      Steve Ankney is a Director of Search Execution specializing in the identification and vetting of executive leaders and senior level, functional management professionals in the following professional disciplines: executive management, financial management, operations management, sales and marketing, technology, healthcare, legal, and human resources.

      Assisting our various Robert Half Executive Search Managing Directors and Principals, Steve assists in the conducting of searches throughout the United States and internationally.


      Steve possesses strong technology experience having first joined the technology division of Robert Half in 2010. Since then, Steve has embarked on a successful career with Robert Half through skillful and pinpointed methods.

      Steve has acquired a strong network of contacts through his 3+ years of creative and persistent recruiting efforts. With Steve’s unique contacts in different industries, he is able to identify top level talent for his diverse blend of clients in multiple vertical industries.

      Prior to working at Robert Half, Steve was employed as Quality Assurance at a large domestic insurance company for several years. During his time at the organization, Steve worked hand-in-hand with Project Managers and Business Analysts to develop and complete a major corporate roll out for one of their most established divisions.

      Steve’s experience has allowed him to develop critical thinking and research skills that have been invaluable towards his success.

      Personal and Professional Activities

      Throughout his career, Steve has been an active member of professional advisory committees with seven different universities. He was influential in developing and supporting career services teams throughout Wisconsin. Furthermore, Steve has been a key speaker for the Association of Information Technology Professionals and the Help Desk Institute on several occasions, discussing technology trends.

      Steve is a graduate of the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in Information Systems and Ecommerce.

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