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      Which Cities Offer the Best Career Opportunities for You?

      What city offers the career opportunities you’re looking for?

      It’s a question countless job seekers wrestle with as they launch their careers or look to move up the professional ladder. Employers, too, want to know if the career outlook in their city is bright enough to woo in-demand candidates from other areas of the country. If only such a simple question had a simple answer. But numerous factors — from a particular area’s unemployment rate to projected employment outlook to average salary levels — have typically made it difficult to compare the career opportunities in one city against those in another.

      At Robert Half, we knew the answer was out there. To find it, we worked with the Economist Intelligence Unit to evaluate 25 major U.S. cities according to 25 criteria that professionals often use to make career and life choices.

      Tap or click on the infographic below to see the facts of life and work for 10 major cities.

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