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      Workforce Planning Tool

      Benchmarking Calculator Gear Icon

      Getting your numbers right

      As you assess your accounting and finance team to meet heightened business expectations, comparing your operations to those of other firms can be helpful. Robert Half has the data and insights you need to help you do just that. In five easy steps, measure your team structure and staffing needs to get a leg up as digital transformation, automation and a host of other issues continue to impact companies like yours.

      How can the Accounting and Finance Workforce Planning Tool help you?

      Robert Half’s Accounting and Finance Workforce Planning Tool can help you assess your team’s structure in comparison to similar organizations. That makes it easier to pinpoint areas where you are adequately staffed and those you may need to beef up. Personalized results can assist you in:

      • Collaborating with HR for workforce planning
      • Optimizing workloads
      • Identifying workforce gaps
      • Developing an organizational road map
      • Achieving your business goals

      Information you’ll need before getting started:

      • Your company’s annual gross revenue
      • Your organization’s total accounting and finance staffing numbers
      • Your organization’s specific staffing numbers in accounting operations, accounting, finance and internal auditing

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