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      2019 Employment Trends: The Demand for Skilled Talent

      More than 1 million net jobs were created in the first half of 2019, reducing the pool of available talent and increasing the already-high demand for top-notch professionals across the U.S. And economic signals suggest the market for skilled workers will remain tight:

      • The labor market is near full employment.
      • The unemployment rate for many key roles is just 1 or 2 percent.
      • Job openings remain at high levels.

      That means 2019 presents even greater challenges for employers looking to expand their workforce.

      Read the report for the latest employment trends

      Gain a better understanding of today’s employment trends and improve your recruiting efforts by downloading The Demand for Skilled Talent. In this report, you’ll find the latest research on the employment market, including data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and exclusive insight into hiring trends from Robert Half.

      Recruitment challenges ahead

      Download The Demand for Skilled Talent to find out:

      • Employers’ most difficult aspects of the hiring process and the top reasons candidates reject a job offer.
      • The unemployment rates for the most in-demand positions across multiple fields and how that knowledge helps you compete in the market for these key professionals.
      • Tips to recruit, hire, onboard and retain top professionals.
      • How Robert Half can help you with your staffing needs.

      Download your free copy of The Demand for Skilled Talent – Q3/Q4 2019.

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      Access our archived reports
      Volume 17, Q1/Q2 2019?
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