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      Systems Engineer

      Job description??

      In addition to in-depth knowledge of the?technology being used, engineers need advanced analytical, troubleshooting and design skills.?

      The ability to communicate complex information to technical and nontechnical users, including management, is?also essential.?

      Employers may require extensive knowledge of the development process, including specific documentation and quality assurance.?

      Employers generally prefer candidates with five or more years of engineering experience working with the specific hardware and software?systems used by the company.

      Typical duties of a systems engineer?

      • Developing, maintaining and supporting technical infrastructure, hardware and system software components?
      • Performing installation, maintenance and support of system software/hardware and user support?
      • Configuring, debugging and supporting multiple infrastructure platforms?
      • Performing high-level root-cause analysis for service interruption recovery and creating preventive measures?

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