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      Corporate Counsel

      Job description

      Positions can range from entry level to senior management.

      Corporate/in-house counsel are generally lawyers who are within a company's legal department and take care of its legal affairs.

      In some instances, corporate counsel, in-house counsel and general counsel are used interchangeably, but here, corporate counsel is used as an overarching term for all lawyers within a corporate legal department, while general counsel refers to the head of the department.

      Candidates must have a juris doctor (JD) and excellent analytical, communication, diplomatic, research and writing skills.

      Typical duties of a corporate counsel

      • Preparing, reviewing and negotiating company contracts, requests for proposals and other legal documents
      • Consulting with management, commercial advisors, tax experts, accountants and marketing staff
      • Negotiating and drafting contractual agreements, such as real estate leases, and advising on employment matters
      • Developing the organization's policies on industry-specific issues, corporate governance or regulatory affairs

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