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      2018 Annual Report


      The following document has been filed by Robert Half International Inc. ("RHI") with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") and the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE"). This document speaks only as of the date appearing on its cover and readers of this document are cautioned that changes in general economic, business or other conditions or in the business condition, financial results or operations of RHI may have occurred since such date. RHI undertakes no duty to update this information appearing in this document. Also, subsequent or other documents containing later or additional information may have been filed with the SEC or NYSE or otherwise become available or come into existence. RHI undertakes no duty to make any such document or additional information available here, and it should not be assumed that the failure of any such document or additional information to appear here is an indication that no such document exists or that no subsequent additional information which may be material has arisen. Readers of this document may contact RHI for copies of this document or of any other document filed with the SEC and NYSE. Alternatively, copies of such documents are available directly from the SEC and the NYSE.

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